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Project: Print > Cut

Updated: May 20, 2019

For my latest project I am returning to my print + pattern making roots and going back to basics. I am thrilled to now be a member of the Gainsborough Print Workshop & will be delving back into my collection of silk screens, squeegees and rollers from my student days to create a series of pattern designs using traditional print making technique.

The new monochromatic printed patterns will then be transformed from print to cut and translated into my signature intricately cut felt surface designs, which will be available as felt screens, rugs and acoustic panels options.

I am really looking forward to this experimental project getting back to the nitty gritty of print + pattern making and working alongside other local makers for a few hours a week outside of our studio environment.

The new collection will be launched in September to coincide with London Design Festival.

Keep an eye out for the patterns as they progress on our instagram, Pinterest and here on the blog.


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