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NEW Process Collection

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

To coincide with the celebration of my studio’s 15th year I am launching my new range of textiles entitled The Process Collection.

The Process Collection emerged from an immersive and restorative design project. The result is a collection of bold, expressive patterns with a sense of organic fluidity and artistic handwriting.

The new collection is a change in direction to a looser, more fluid style of pattern which is the result of the techniques that I’ve used to originate these designs. Each pattern retains its hand drawn authenticity. Hand-painted and printed patterns have been translated into intricate cutting artwork and carved from felted wool fibres to create unique textile surfaces for interiors. New products include rugs, wall hangings, textile artworks and screens as well as fabrics available by the metre.

I took a brief pause in the development of new work over the last few years to support my husband through illness and a relocation of both our family home and studio to rural Suffolk. Our studio has continued to produce our signature textile products, installations and we’ve been busy working on commissions but the development of a new design collection was put on hold whilst my focus was drawn elsewhere.

After this pause, I felt a growing desire to embark on a new personal project to re-energise my creative process, to hit the reset button and return to a more handmade approach.

Focussing on the joy of making and the fulfilment that I get as a maker from drawing, pattern making, material experimentation and the exploration of techniques and processes. I immersed myself back into the foundations of my textiles training, creating reams of monochromatic patterns over the last year using a variety of methodologies working between our new design studio and the historical setting of Thomas Gainsborough’s Print Workshop near our Suffolk home and this new collection of patterns, surfaces and products is the result.

The artworks and video below give an insight into my creative process and the techniques that I have used to create the patterns for the new collection.

The intention behind the rhythmical, relief patterns that I create is to add texture for sensory engagement. Each patterned textile surface plays with light and shade, adds depth, creates a sense of movement and invites the touch. As humans we are naturally drawn to materials. We love our sense of touch. My approach is to bring tactility to interior spaces with function and purpose. Creating a textile surface that adds warmth, softens the environment, enhancing the space and benefiting the end user through its design and natural materiality.

Our studio prides itself on working with natural materials. Each piece in the Process Collection has been made from our pure wool felt, which is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material. Our studio believes in a conscious design practice, introducing carefully considered new objects into the world that must enhance wellbeing, have function or purpose, whilst being gentle on our planet.

I am passionate about our sustainable and circular design ethos and the future life cycle of the pieces that we make. I design textile products and installations with a focus on naturally cyclable materials and longevity. Each piece is designed and made to last. Wool can also be re-used, re-purposed or allowed to biodegrade. If wool is returned to the earth it releases valuable nutrients back into our ecosystem as it biodegrades, regenerating pastures. The beauty of wool is the natural benefits that are intrinsic to this material. In addition to being renewable, biodegradable and sustainable, wool is also naturally insulating, moisture repellent and inherently flame retardant. Durability, strength and breathability are naturally intertwined within its fibres, making it an environmentally sound choice for interiors.

Our studio works on a zero waste policy and all felt off-cuts are re-used or donated to schools and colleges.

Over the course of this year new pieces from the Process Collection will gradually be launched.

The first patterns shown here include FORM (top right and top centre), CONFETTI (top left), RIPPLE (bottom left), GRAPHIC (bottom centre), BLOCK (shown at the top left of this page) and FLOW an overlaid felt surface shown above in turquoise.

Visit out surfaces page to view each individual pattern.


New products from The Process collection include rugs, textile artworks, wall hangings and screens.

Made from 100% wool felt.

Prices from £200.

A selection of products are now available to purchase here.

Bespoke acoustic textile installations are also available to commission.

T +44 (0) 7803 147898


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