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Les Textiles Vagabonds is a project created by Morgane Duchêne Ramsay, a textile artist based in Montreal, Canada.

Morgane’s designs are beautifully considered and constructed. Re-using fabric scraps she creates unique garment designs with a strong patchwork narrative rooted in craft, sustainability, fashion, history and identity.

Describing her work Morgane says -

“The process of upgrading textiles is ecological, the making of our clothes does not use a lot of new materials, however the techniques used to reuse the scraps are laborious and meticulous, which is why our clothes are produced in limited quantities.

Wandering textiles are unique garments made from quilting techniques. The quilt is to bring together several pieces of fabric to create a new fabric.

The quilt is intrinsically linked to the history of women, especially as it relates to the domestic and the community. Quilts were often made by groups of women, the tradition still persists in some guilds or collectives.

Les Textiles Vagabonds celebrates the skills and cultural traditions manifested in the decorative arts and emphasizes the use of handcrafted fabrics.

We make unique pieces crafted with care in Montreal, in sustainable and local materials.”

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