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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Back from a wonderful 4 days in Copenhagen. One of my favourite cities. All dosed up on hygge vibes, quality family time and design inspiration. It was so good to be back there again.

We loved our first city break with our small folk (aged 8 and 3 years). They walked 24 miles over 4 days (impressive!) and really embraced the gallery hopping, cobbled street wandering, river-side strolls and cafe hangouts and loved exploring Tivoli Gardens fairground, Rundetaarn (the round tower), the Danish National Museum (with a great children’s museum, full of Viking dressing up, interactive activities, a Viking long ship, castles to climb etc….the Danish people really do ‘get’ kids don’t they!) and then of course a trip to LEGO.

As we walked our way around this beautiful city I of course couldn't help gathering a load of colour and pattern inspiration along the way. Such an abundance of eye-candy in this place. Here's a few that made it through the edit.

We were lucky enough to visit the opening of an exhibition by Veronica Hodges @veronicas_birdnest and Astrid Kruse Jensen @astridkrusejensen at the Martin Asbaek gallery @martinasbaekgallery . Stunning, handmade intricate paper flowers (by Veronica) and ethereal photography (by Astrid, pictured below). We drifted through the gallery, under beautiful, draping canopies of paper blossom, we were drawn into each gallery space by the mysterious wandering figures in the photography, that kept leading us on. There's something very poetic about this exhibition and the pairing of these two artists works so well.

It was my second stay at Hotel Skt Annae. Such inspirational interior and exterior spaces, thoroughly recommend it (see pics in the middle row below).

From harbour-side wanderings to gallery stop offs and inspirational coffee hangouts, once again this city has given me a little injection of colour and pattern inspiration, topped me up on my love affair with architecture and a healthy dose of Scandi culture that never fails to give me a boost.


Royal Danish Library

Danish National Playhouse


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