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Circular Design

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Material considerations have always been my priority and circular design is at the very heart of my ethos.

15 years ago, I set out on my journey to create innovative textile surfaces for interiors using sustainable textiles from natural sources. I choose to work with wool because it is a naturally cyclable material and it offers a vast array of natural benefits.


“Wool is the ultimate sustainable fibre”

The beauty of wool lies not only in its aesthetic and tactility but the inherent benefits that it offers as a textile.In addition to being renewable, biodegradable and sustainable, wool is naturally flame retardant. Durability, strength and breathability and naturally intertwined within it's fibres, making it a practical and environmentally sounds choice for interiors.

Thanks to the natural keratin within wool fibres, it’s clever biological make-up means that wool is naturally strong and made to last.


The life cycle of wool follows a circular pattern from sheep to fleece, fleece to fabric with the ability to be returned to earth, regenerating new pastures and natural systems as it biodegrades, creating a continuous sustainable loop.

Once wool enters soil, the natural fibres easily biodegrade in a matter of months, releasing valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, sulphate and magnesium.

Wool is a naturally intelligent textile material, one of the oldest known to humankind, used since around 4000BC. It has a long standing proven track record of efficiency. It’s genius is rooted in nature.


Our studio believes in a conscious design practice, introducing only carefully considered objects into the world that offer longevity, enhance wellbeing, with purpose and function whilst being gentle on our planet.


Our studio also has a zero waste policy. Many of our felt-offcuts are re-used in new designs or artworks. We also donate felt off-cuts to education and new projects. If you would like to connect with us to discuss re-purposing our felt off-cuts please get in touch.


I work with a small team of highly skilled local artisans and makers in the creation of all my products. My seamstress, upholsterers and fabric carvers work with me to elevate my hand cut surface patterns to a much larger scale to adorn the walls, ceilings and floors of residential and commercial interiors.


As a designer I feel I have a responsibility to create pieces that are environmentally conscious. My mission is to create future proof textiles that benefit both the user and environment through design and natural materiality.

Product featured:

Made from pure wool felt

600mm dia



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